• S Wilkins

Home Help - why do parents need it?

Life is so busy these days, the expectations from not just society but from our family and friends are immense - to be super Mum/Dad who is always on time to school with children perfectly presented, shows up for every school event,participates and donates to every fundraiser, has children who are achieving top grades, eats a balanced diet with limited screen time and sweet treats and then there's the after school activities! To be the supportive and loving partner who makes time for 'date night', listens to their woes about work and ensures they are getting the right amount of attention to show them you love them. To be the fabulous friend who's always there in a time of need, always up for a 'much needed night out' and can take their kids at the drop of a hat, listen to them and give advice. To be career driven, successful and committed to the job and an amazing indispensable employee. To be the ultimate Son/Daughter, helping elderly Parents and Grandparents - taking them shopping, to doctors appointments, running errands, popping in regularly for a cuppa to ensure they are not lonely - Wow! Too much for one person?

It's OK to ask for help

So, whilst we are trying to be everything to everyone and be absolutely fantastic at it, what do most of us try to prioritise? Well, if you are parents you normally try to prioritise spending quality time with your children, especially at weekends when school and work are over for the week but what do we normally find ourselves doing instead? The cleaning, the laundry, the ironing etc. and before you know it it's Monday and you feel guilty - the kids have been glued to tablets and TV's and your partner is desperately needing some 'couple time' and you wish you had MORE time. So, hire someone to come and do it for you. It doesn't have to break the bank, think about it, a takeaway for a family of four is around £20-25, the same cost as having a cleaner for around two hours. Don't suffer in silence, thinking you can do it all, you can't. At least not without consequences. It's perfectly OK to ask for help, even if you can manage without, everybody benefits from more time.

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